Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life of a Fashion Icon

Coco was also frequently visit the Steffan tea room in upper Montreux, a very popular place, the distance provided on the local celebrities in France. In the period to stay in it there in Switzerland, a tired and spiteful Coco began her own collection of fragrances, without the help of her partner Pierre Wertheimer create.

 Pierre Wertheimer knew that his rights have been violated, but he went on examining Coco settled by other means. Coco later sold its all-inclusive rights of the Wertheimer family in exchange for a monthly fee. This amount helped support her and her friend, the former Nazi spy, Hans Gunther. Coco Chanel finally returned to Paris, and she discovers that the famous designer Christian Dior who was number one in the haute couture world.

Coco decided that the relationship with her estranged reshape business partner Pierre Wertheimer, because they needed a guidance and financial back-up. In return, Pierre Wertheimer was given full rights to all of Chanel products. The world thought that their alliance would arouse a flame that would Coco Chanel majestic stance in the world of fashion industry kindle.

However it was not to be; Chanel new fashion collections were not found to be successful with the local people. In the last years of her life, Coco Chanel has become kind of a recluse, she used to leave her home only when absolutely necessary. She had very few real friends and had no family. People would envy Coco glamorous and wealthy lifestyle in theory, but they would not their own lives for the aspects of the life she's been through have acted. Although Coco Chanel is dead, its legacy remains live even today. The impressive thing about Coco Chanel is that they single-handedly changed the face of fashion. But they will live in the minds of fashion lovers for all eternity.

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